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Manor Booklet & Binding Services

Documents and other printed materials can be quite hard to manage, especially if you get them in countless pages. If you do not bind them, you may end up losing a few pages, and some might get crumpled, affecting how people see the document and its message in general. CSI Printing is the printing company to reach out to if you want to have professionally bound documents for your business, and even for your events.

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When we do our Manor binding services, we go in-depth to find out how you want them to appear, what documents require it, and what your brand is all about. This makes sure that we are able to personalize the service to your brand’s needs and make sure we stay within your budget.

For our binding services, we use top-grade binding materials and equipment to make sure they last a long time and add to the overall appeal of your brand.

Need the binding service done for a bulk amount? Our binding experts are on standby to provide assistance and show you how it is done.

Call CSI Printing at (512) 549-8285 for your Free Consultation with an Manor Binding Services expert!

Vast Options of Binding Styles

Our Manor binding services are known in the city for being the most comprehensive in the industry, as well as affordable. Since we started offering binding services for our clients, we have earned a lot of reviews praising us for our attention to detail and flexibility. We can handle any printed document and provide you with the expert advice you need if you are uncertain about what binding style is perfect for you.

Down below are some of the most popular binding styles we can do at CSI Printing:


For documents with less than 100 sheets, saddle-stitched binding is the best option. Industry-grade staples are used to do this binding method, and once it is done, the document can lie flat on a surface and allow people to check the document without problems.

Saddle-stitched binding is used for a variety of materials, such as reports, periodicals, booklets, and catalogs. It is very reliable and cost-effective, which is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as small personal events like weddings, birthday parties, and other similar celebrations.

Spiral Bound and Wire-O Bound

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Spiral and wire-o bound binding are two of the most popular types of binding for flat-lying papers. Although they have similar processes, they differ in terms of the material used to bind papers together.

For spiral binding, it uses a plastic spiral coil to loop the documents together. Meanwhile, wire-o binding uses a wired spiral to loop the documents.

No matter which option you pick, both binding styles are very reliable. But, we do recommend wire-o binding for a long-lasting binding compared to spiral bound binding.

Perfect Binding

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Perfect binding involves attaching each page together with glue before gluing the page stack to a spine cover. The spine cover allows users to browse documents on a flat surface without any problems.

This is the binding type recommended for thick documents, such as those which are 4mm thick when they are combined together. It is also an affordable binding option if you are looking for a binding style that you can personalize for your documents or marketing materials.

Stapled Books & Booklets

If you are looking for a simple yet sturdy binding for your documents and materials, you can opt for stapled binding. As the name implies, staples will be used to bind the papers together and make it easier for people to browse their content. Stapled binding is often used for short reports, booklets and newsletters.

There are other types of binding that we should have put on this list. To find out if they would work for your materials, let us know, and we’ll check your request. We can also help you decide which binding option to use by providing you with samples and their pros and cons when you reach out to us.

Full-Service Printing Company

CSI Printing does not just offer personalized Manor binding services to match our clients; we also offer other printing services to support your marketing strategy and events. Everything is done in-house at our Manor, TX printing company to ensure that its quality is never compromised at any stage of the project and keep our prices affordable for all.

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We also have the substrates available in-house to help us with our projects, which we can show you so you can pick the best materials for your needs. Since everything is done in-house, we can deliver the prints on time, no matter how many prints you need.

Here are some of the printing materials you can avail of alongside our binding services:

  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Contracts
  • Manuals
  • Letterheads
  • Promotional items

We also do bulk and custom prints for personal and business events. Speak to one of our printing experts, and we’ll show you how we will make your request and what supporting services we can add to help you succeed.

Free Consultation Today

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Don’t let your documents and marketing materials be the cause of bad impressions for your brand. Bring them to a printing company that can bind them professionally for you and make sure that your documents are presented properly, appealing to those who review them.

If you want to learn more about our binding service and other printing services, let us know through our free consultation. We will be happy to answer all your questions and get you started with our binding service if you need it for your documents and other printed materials.

Call CSI Printing at (512) 549-8285 for your Free Consultation with an Manor Binding Services expert!